Surface Mount Electronic Device SMD

Circuit of a mobile phone looks like general circuit but the parts in printed circuit boards (PCB) of mobile phone are different from normal thru-hole electronic components. These electronic components are known as surface mount device or surface mount electronic components.

These SMD electronic components on the PCB of a mobile cell phone generally do not have any leads. Components that have leads are bent in a manner that they can be mounted only on the surface of the PCB and hence the name “Surface Mount Device”. Most of the electronic components on the PCB of a Mobile Cell Phone are BGA or Ball grid Array Packages.

SMD Components of Mobile Phone PCB

What is SMD or Surface Mount Device or Surface Mount Electronic Component?

Surface mount devices of SMD are electronic components that are easily soldered or mountable on the surface on the PCB. Most of these PCBs are multilayered PCB which means these PCB have more than one layer. The technique of soldering or utilizing SMD components is called SMT (Surface Mount Technology).

What are Advantages of SMD?

SMD type electronic components offer many advantages. The main advantage is that they are space saving. The size of mobile phones has been significantly reduced because of the use of SMD components. SMD components use less electricity and voltage loss is also very less.

Uses of SMD Electronic Components?

Presently SMD of Surface Mount Devices are used in ultra modern electronic equipments like mobile cell phones, computers, laptops tablets etc. all the components used in Surface Mount Technology are mostly in the form of chips or IC (Integrated Circuit). These chips or ICs are classified into different categories depending of the type of legs or leads they have and their function. These components are mounted directly at the specified location on the copper track of the Printed Circuit Board using Surface Mount Soldering Technology.

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