How To Obtain LTE / 4G Signal in APN Setting

SMART LTE signal
LTE or Long Term Evolution is the latest network connection today, this new technology can go as high as 100mbps if not capped by the network, LTE is also called 4G the successor of 3G, although 3G and 2G are still used today. Having an SMART LTE signal in your area is a lucky thing, take advantage of the speed, just take note that premium services requires premium cost.

SMART LTE SIM And Device Combination
Lets apply a simple logic, as some users experiencing signal drops from LTE (4G) to 3G.
  • Smart regular simcard will yield = 3G network
  • Smart LTE SIM = 4G network
  1. 3G simcard + LTE device/phone = 3G network 
  2. Subscribe to LTE promo using 3G SIM + LTE device/phone = 4G network (Might not work all the time)
  3. LTE simcard + LTE device/phone = up to 4G network
  4. LTE simcard + 3G device/phone = up to 3G network
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It is recommended to use the third combination, as they may give better results, pictures are provided below for references.
Huawei E392
Huawei E392
  • Connect to a super fast 4G network whilst on the move. Automatically switches to 3G when out of 4G range
  • Plug in and access super fast 4G on the move. Breathtaking speed (Download at up to 100 Mbps)
  • Download enormous attachments and surf at speed
  • Small and slick enough to slip into your pocket.
  • Stick-Sized Modem and compact design.
  • Plug and Go – No need for extra software
  • Supports Windows & Mac ( XP SP2/SP3; Vista SP1/SP2; Windows 7; Mac OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7)
*note: this device can be bought at online stores, don't buy from SMART, they are just re-branded devices, and save up to Php2,000. Huawei E392 is already unlocked for all networks, while from SMART is not.

The LTE SIM will provide, of course an LTE (4G) signal, although its quite expensive than regular simcard, SMART LTE SIM has some extra features like, huge contact space, additional services, extra menus, and they are prioritized by Smart.
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SMART LTE APN Settings/Configuration
  • Profile name: any name
  • APN: Dynamic
  • Access Number:*99#
  • IP Settings: Dynamic
  • Authentication Protocol: Unchecked CHAP, and check PAP
  • DNS Settings: Dynamic
  • WINS Settings: Dynamic
*Note: Don't use APN = internet, as it may not give the highest speed.


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