Wimac Tool V3.6.0.8 for hunting Wimax IP / MAC Address

Wimac Tool V3.6.0.8 for hunting Wimax IP / MAC Address

 Wimac Tool V3.6.0.8
Download : Wimac Hunter Version 

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Modem Compatibility for MAC Sniper:

  • BM622 2010
  • BM622i 2010
  • BM625

Modem Compatibility for IP Scanner:

All Wimax will do as long as you have internet connection.

Modem Compatibility for MAC Changer:

  • BM622 2010
  • BM622i 2010
  • BM625
  • BM621



Download : NET Frame v4.0 
Internet Explorer  6, 8 and 9

OS Compatibility:

Windows XP SP2 x86
Windows XP SP3 x86
Windows 7 X86
Windows 7 64bit
Windows 8 64bit

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Wimac Tool Change log


Range 10.XX.0.0 to 10.XX.255.255,  It will autosave to database if there is a valid MAC address scanned.

MAC Sniper:  This have a manual increment and decrement. default value is 2 and the range is 1 to 460.

Enable frequency lock will sppedup the MAC connection. This have domain test or domain changer, TTLS and TLS selection.

MAC Storage: 

All MAC that had been successfully sniped will be automatically save in MAC storage.

v1.8.2.1 Change log

* Supported for BM622i 2010 for mac sniper ang ip scanner
* New Admin Password Generator for 2008 to 2010 package
* Fixed Stack up for globelines domain
* Fixed Transfer rate size in 1kb to 999kb and 1MB and above
* fixed Some minor bugs

v2.6.2.2 Change log

* Fixed Major bug for Lock Freq Stackup
* Fixed Minor bug for modem selection
* Added BM625 Selection for mac sniping
* Added Mac Changer for BM622 2010, BM622i 2010, BM625 and BM621
* Added Security Profile changer for BM625 Libya[MAC Changer]
* Fixed Some other bugs

v2.7.2.3 Change log

* Added Popup Notification for new update
* BM625 Libya Profile Change advance - Pending

v2.7.5.1 Change log

* added BM625 Libya Security Profile Changer

v3.2.2.5 Change log

* MAC List Test -  You will able to test MAC address will it is working or not.
* Added DropDownList Domain for NAI Domain and UserID Domain

v3.4.4.0 Change log

* Added MAC Vendor Lookup
* Fixed Time Interval from 1:2 seconds to 1:1 second
* Fixed stackup at 100.1 velocity
* added Restoredef and Reboot Option in mac sniper setting
* Fixed Some other bugs
* added left mac count in mac list tester

v3.6.0.8 Change log

* Added Save Setting For MAC Sniping
* Fixed bug For Wait Test Connection, 

* Added About and Exit tab..
* Fixed Minor Bug for Waiting Modem to Booting up..
* Fixed Minor bug For waiting Internet availability..
* Fixed other Minor bugs..
* Please Read Software License Agreement - You find this at About TAB.
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