Samsung Galaxy Gear (SM-V700) updated to Tizen

With today’s software update, original Galaxy Gear (SM-V700) became a Tizen powered device. While entire OS was changed, overall look and feel of device will be barely noticable for users. After upgrade users should see performance increase, better battery life, and of course whole set of Tizen addons which are already known from the rest of Samsung’s wearables. This includes for example, standalone music player, voice commands or customizable shortcuts.
We don’t know yet if upgrade to Tizen is reversable (if someone decides that Android is better), but we will inform as soon as we will get more info.
What users are reporting is that the upgrade will completly wipe all your data stored in Samsung Galaxy Gear, so if you’re using any custom apps, you will then need to wait for developers to release Tizen versions.

Ok, so here’s some version numbers for all firmware geeks:
Device: Samsung Galaxy Gear
Model: SM-V700
OS: Tizen (
Changelist: N/A
Build Date: 14.05.20114

As always, you can download Galaxy Gear (SM-V700) Firmware from it’s dedicated Firmware Page, or by KIES if your region already have it available.

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