How to Change Password of PLDT my DSL Prolink WIFI Router

How to Change Password of  PLDT my DSL Prolink WIFI Router

Connect the router into a computer using LAN connection. Wait until status message will appear that it is already connected to LAN.

If already connected, Open the browser " Mozilla Firefox or Chrome will do" and navigate to the URL address. 

Type to URL of Mozilla or Chrome. A pop up menu then will appear and requesting you to log in.

Default Log In.

Username : admin

Password : 1234 


Username : adminpldt
Password : 1234567890

When Log in is successful. Proceed to configure the WIFI Network Name. To do this go Basic Settings - SSID. See below photo for reference

WLAN will automatically restart.. Please wait


To Change Password. Go Security Tab and edit the pre shared key

WLAN will Restart.
Final Step


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