How To Bypass Globe Internet Data Limit

Globe Telecom Set the daily internet limit. They have the right to limit the customer bandwidth  data to be fair with other internet subscriber. For prepaid subscriber, they set bandwidth limit to 800MB per day while postpaid were set higher to 1G per day. Globe telecom will send you message if you reach the maximum daily allocated internet pocket data. Once you reach the limit, they will reduce your internet speed and its gonna be crappy  slow and that is sucks. argggggh. 

Hello! We noticed that your data usage today has been really high. We're now reducing your browsing speed to maintain quality service for all Globe users. Please be guided by our acceptable terms on fair use for browsing promos, which you can read about at To browse at normal speeds, you can unsubscribe from your current promo by texting STOP <PROMO> to 8888. Regular browsing rates will apply thereafter. Thanks!
In this article , we will bypass the 800MB and 1G bandwidth limit so you will enjoy and maximize your internet data. You'll able to download unlimited allocated data daily.
Here is how to bypass the limit data.
Globe telecom is using two APN. and or familiar known as Inet is the default APN. This type of APN is faster and stable than the other one. While or known as MyGlobeConnect APN is not as fast than Inet but this APN give you unlimited internet allocation pocket data.
 We will be needing 3rd party application to do that.
  • Download Proxifier3.0 Apps 
  • Open your dashboard.
  • Go Option - Profile Management and set profile name and APN shown below

  • Once you are connected. Open the Proxifier 3.0 and you only need to input the website to to proxifier tool. It will be proxified via port 8080.

You should have unlimited bandwidth this time.

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