Download Windows 8 Pro Activated

Windows 8 has came with the super-fast Start-up with a new logon ui look. it is most stable product of Microsoft after the windows 7. it has too much inbuilt functions to shorter access for time saving purpose. it also supports ad hoc file sharing while you can connect to another internet connection to use the is paid product of Microsoft but we modernhackerss provide you the activated version of windows 8 which serve you all future of a genuine version of windows 8 at free of cost in parts so you can download all of them simultaneously and then combine them using simple 7Z archive software.

Download Windows 8 PRO activated

  • Download all 20 parts of windows 8 PRO.
  • Don`t worry if it asks for viruses check, these all archieves are scaned by me and all are scaned by kaspersky and avast antivirus.

  • Download latest version of 7Z from here

  • install the 7Z software.

  • select the first part of windows and extract it using 7Z, during this process all remaing parts of your windows will selected automatically and extracted to a single ISO file.

  • Burn this ISO file either in DVD or in USB.

  • Install the Winodows on desired machine.

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