Password Generator for BM622, BM622i BM622m

Password Generator for BM622, BM622i BM622m

Why you need to generate admin password? 
  • To change your Security Settings
  • To avoid being remoted by hackers
  • To Change UserID and Password in Security Tab
  • To Enable and Disable WAN Telnet
  • Tricks and More Advance Options

Wimax Password Generator  Wtrix Wimax Pass Gen
Supported Models:
  • BM622
  • BM622i
  • BM622m 
How To Use Wimac Hunter Password Generator?
Procedure For NEW Series:
Step1: Run the Wimac Hunter tools
Step2: Go to Settings Tab and select your correct modem and check the Telnet Settings is correct to avoid errors.

Step3: Go to Utilities > Password Generator tab and key in your device serial number or Device ID and your Mac Address.
Step4: Select New Series then hit Generate Password
Done! GUI Password is your Admin GUI Log In password, Security Password is your UserID and Password inside the security page.
Procedure For OLD Series:
Step1: Go to Utilities > Password Generator tab select Old SeriesStep2: Then hit Generate Password.
Step3: Done!

How To Use SQUASHFS BM622m Admin PassGen?
Procedure For New Series Only:
Step1: Run the SQUASHFS BM622m Admin PassGen apps then input your Mac Address without colon.

Step2: Input your wimax serial number then Hit Generate
Step3: Admin_password is your Admin GUI login password, Wimax_password is your Security UserID and Password.

How To Use Wtrix Wimax Pass Gen?
Procedure For Old Series Only:
Step1: Run the Wtrix Wimax Pass Gen apps