Windows 8.1 update : Start Button is coming back soon

Windows 8.1 update : Start Button is coming back soon

Developers of Microsoft announced that there will be some changes on their Windows 8.1 Operating System, they are going "OLD SCHOOL!". There will be Three major updates for Windows 8.1. First is that, the developers are making a lot of tweaks especially in making the windows 8.1 be more easier to use with keyboard and mouse. Second is that 'Modern apps' will run on a window in the traditional desktop interface. The Third, and most signifying of the old school look! - The Start button.
This will be a big factor to those people who is still using windows XP, as we all know that this Operation System is dying, so if they are planning to upgrade to windows 7 or windows 8.1, they will have no hard time in adopting to the new interface, and the plan of making it more user friendly, and allowing the modern apps to run, it's more likely that you have a smartphone on your desktop

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