How to Create Your Own 'Via' status on your Facebook Post

How to Create Your Own  'Via' status on your Facebook  Post

Did you notice someone posted a wall post with  a via device notice ?
This custom status usually will show where the status was posted from and seems to be fixed according to the device they log the status in.
This is the trick for it :)
If  your are familiar  on  Apps making  like Facebook comment box this is  similar to it.

1.Go to    click Create apps.

NOTE: Your Account must be Verified  user via  MOBILE

2. Now  Create your  app   Type your Display Name
Choose your  Category
Click Create Apps

3.  Input the security

NOTE:  If your facebook account is not verified this will pop out

4. after creating your app  copy your application identification .

NOTE: Display Name will be your Via Status

5.  Now  your ready for your custom  via status   just edit the color RED  change it your own ID and url

How to Create Your Own  'Via' status on your Facebook  Post

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