How To Bug Smart LTE SIM

How To Bug Smart LTE SIM

How To Bug Smart LTE SIM

  The best discovered working tricks on How to Bug your Smart LTE SIM for unlimited internet access! 
This is for all the LTE SIM card holder who want to have a unlimited surfing the net. (Take note we are not responsible for any damage for your devices by doing this, this post is for educational purpose only)

Smart LTE SIM Unlimited Internet Forever

Requirements to avail this tricks

  • New LTE sim or jump-in "non LTE sim"
  • Flight Mode features capable Mobile Phone.
  • Speedtest.Net app (Search on Google)

  Basic Procedure in How to Bug LTE SIM

  1. Required new LTE or Jump In simcard. Note: Don not choose number which start with 0949 as is has difficulty in bugging procedure.
  2. Subscribe to FREE SOCIAL and send it to 5555. Please wait until it expires the other day.
  3. Enable Data Connection on your mobile and check the internal IP with the use of Speedtest application. IP should look like in this format or in to make sure that the bugging attempt will be successful.
  4. Once Free Social expires, Turn Off the phone Data Connection and reload a 50php to your simcard.
  5. Register / Subscribe to LTE 50 and send it to 2200.
  6. Once ypur are already registered, Enable again the Data Connection and check the internal IP. Internal IP should look like this format. ,, or If the IP is within the specific example that we provided, You will need to wait for the promo to expires.
  7. Take Note, 30 minutes before the promo expires you need to enable flight mode on your mobile phone but don not turn off the data connection.
  8. Approximately 1 hour or more after you enable the flight mode you can now turn off flight mode status on your phone.
  9. Lastly, Use Speedtest to check again the internal IP, If the result is within the requirement at step #6 your sim card is now bugged and can browse to internet for FREE.

Recommendations at tips.
  • Don not use the sim card to a call and sms features as network provider will detect and reset your sim current status.
  • Do not perform balance inquiry.
  • Bug will approximately expire up to 3 months as tested and result from my experiment.
  • Regularly Ask your friend to share a load you for 2php at least once a week 
Enjoy and thank you for have time reading my article.
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